Indian Cuisine - Sample Menu

Potato Dahi in Phyllo
Grilled Paneer and spicy tomato Bruschetta
Chane Masaledaar
Chickpeas cooked with a mélange of spices, served in tartlets
Marsala Shrimp on a Skewer
Tandori Chicken Sateys

Punjabi Masala
Baby Lamb Chops cooked with Ginger and Garlic in our chef’s Special Sauce
Chicken Makhani
Marinated Boneless Pieces of Chicken Grilled and Sautéed in a Delicious Creamy Sauce
Fish Tikka
Marinated Seasoned Fish Fried until Golden and Crisp
Aloo Saag
Quartered Potatoes and Spinach Cooked in Curry Sauce
Chole Peshawari
Punjabi style chickpeas curry diced potatoes
Vegetable Biryani
A combination of Vegetables Cooked with Saffron Basmati Rice in Mild Spices and Nuts
Tamarind Rice

Gulab Jamun
Rice Pudding

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